How do Indoor fireworks work at weddings

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How do Indoor fireworks work at weddings

How do Indoor fireworks work at weddings..

Prior to the event

We contact the venue and let them know what’s happening.. (Hopefully the wedding planners have given them a heads-up)

The Wedding Day

We arrive on-site, we connect with the Planner or DJ/Band.. We scope out the best spot for the fireworks. Typically we place them right on the dance floor, just prior to the Grand Entrance. We communicate with DJ and Wedding Planner for the perfect strike moment, you know that part of the first dance song that means so much to you and your partner. Confirming that everything is perfect and just before the Grand Entrance,  we place the sparkler in the perfect spot.

It’s that time, the grand entrance followed by the First Dance, during that all-important dance and after a few moments, that’s when we set off the fireworks. This lasts about 60 seconds, plenty of time for your photographer to get that perfect picture, plenty of time for the videographer to capture that moment forever. And plenty of time for you to experience the a beautiful moment come true.

Sparkler info

Our trained onsite techs have the ability to control both the height of the sparks (up to 16 feet in the air) and the volume of the sparks by adjusting values on the controller. This makes incredible displays easy to create, unlike traditional fireworks which require every effect to be a single-shot pyrotechnic device. we program a number of tricks like chases, bumps, and other cool effects to launch right when you would like it to. The only downside is the noise the machines create, though it is to be expected and is no louder than the machines for similar special effects. They certainly are quieter than traditional fireworks!

As one of the safest and most dazzling special effects in the industry, Sparkular can take a drab event and breathe new life into it. Whether you’re having an indoor wedding, event or presentation. , you will blow your audience away with this unbelievable cold spark fountain display!!


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